Heritage Window Features

Of all the steel look-a-like imitations on the market we believe that Heritage is the best.

Unlike many of the steel look-a-like imitation windows available, the Heritage Aluminium Window meets all the building regulations for New build. Using a superior polyamide thermal break barrier, as opposed to a resin break, which will not meet the building regulations for new document part L regulations.

Accepted for use in grade II listed buildings. Accepted by Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation as a suitable replacement window, one of many organisations now converted to using this unique product.

Chelton Secure™ Locking
... is patented all round window multi-point locking. This unique locking system has six plus locking points, and travels round corners to lock your window on three sides. Providing you with piece of mind and your window with the strength and resistance of steel.

Actual number of locking points is between 6 and 14 depending on the size of the window.

Chelton Secure™ Locking

Our Heritage Stepped windows are one of the slimmest windows we offer, and the sight-lines are nearly as slim as the old steel windows they were designed to replace.

The outerframe is just 47mm deep and there is just 19.5mm of visible frame on the outside and just 34.5mm (including the rebate / weather seal) inside. It uses 24mm sealed units to allow for slimmer openers.


Welded Sections
The corners of all our aluminium windows are assembled using a mechanical join (mitre). We have the ability to weld the mitred corners of these Heritage Windows for a more authentic and clean finish. To have your Heritage Windows with welded corners and hinges is optional and comes at an additional cost.

Welded Sections

Paint Finish
We have a huge selection of colour finishes for our Heritage Winow Range. Standard paint finishes are white, black, black outside white inside dual colour finish and brown, but can also be coloured in any RAL colour finish.

We also have a 'Hammerite' style textured paint that has a rustic finish, which gives a more authentic look.

Paint Finish

Thermal Efficiency
The profiles used on our Heritage Window Range use a superior polyamide break barrier rather than the old resin break. The resin break has long since been surpassed by polyamide and is now being phased out.

The polyamide thermal break separates the inside and outside aluminium sections, stopping the cold and condensation that is often associated with old metal windows.

Thermal Efficiency

Authentic Chelton® Handle Range
The Chelton® handle range is a comprehensive selection of handles to suite any home. They come in three different designs and a choice of colours.

  • Classic Chelton® Monkey Tail handles.
  • Art Deco Chelton® Steel handles.
  • Modern Chelton® Slim-line handles.

Authentic Chelton® Handle Range

Traditional Glazing Options
We have limitless glass for you to choose from, including:

  • Square and diamond leads.
  • Georgian bars
  • Astragal Bars
  • Patterned & coloured glass
  • Obscure & textured glass

Traditional Glazing Options

Dummy Butt Hinges
These dummy hinges look just like our working butt hinges from the outside, and give you an authentic look, without the safety and cleaning considerations.

The dummy hinges are used in conjunction with modern friction hinges, which don’t require a peg and stay to hold them in an open position, and are more practical than working butt hinges.

Dummy Butt Hinges

Friction Hinges
Friction hinges allow a window to be held open in any given position, and make cleaning your windows from inside easy.

This window system can be fitted with modern industry standard friction hinges, egress fire escape friction hinges, or restrictor friction hinges (to prevent children or pets climbing out).

Friction Hinges

Replica Profiles
Our Heritage windows are no ordinary slim window with a flat vent. They have been specially designed for replacing steel windows.

The stepped feature of our window profiles looks so much like the original steel profiles they replicate. You can barely tell the difference between the green steel window and our equivalent Heritage Window.

Replica Profiles
  • Ultra slim sight-lines and only a 47mm depth of frame
  • An authentic look that replicates traditional steel windows
  • Uses a superior polyamide thermal break barrier for high thermal efficiency
  • Modern multi-point locking options. (including the patented all round Ste'alth Secure™ locking).
  • Internally glazed sashes - 24mm double glazed sealed units *
  • Can be fitted into existing or new timber frames or direct to brick
  • A fraction of the cost of replacement steel windows
  • Suitable for use in period properties, listed buildings, heritage and conservation areas (And has in the past been installed into grade II listed buildings)
  • Meets all the specifications for NEW BUILD. Perfect for replacement and refurbishment projects and is equally at home in domestic and commercial applications
  • Curved, arched and shaped windows can be fabricated using this system. (with or without openers)

* fixed lites are externally glazed.

All of Heritage products are made to measure, custom manufactured to your exact specifications.

All aluminium products can be painted in a wide range of internal and external colour finishes. You can choose between a range of standard / conventional colours, textured paint finishes, or any single or dual RAL colour for our windows and doors. (Only approved Polyester Powdercoat Specialists are used)

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