Heritage Window Features

Heritage Windows Seturity Features

1. High Strength Hinges

Your windows will either come with high strength stainless steel friction stays or profile related butt hinges. Friction hinges will help to secure the top and bottom of the opening vents. While our profile related butt hinges have inter-locking elements that act like sash jammers, securing the hinge edge of the window and removing the need for additional sash jammers.

2. Key Locking Handles

Despite the fact that handles are on the inside only, all of our handles options have a key locking facility as standard. This is just so you can simply lock the handle on the inside, for added peace of mind. Even our handles that don’t obviously have a key locking facility, have concealed locking. This drives a grub screw into the handles back plate to prevent the handle from being operated.

A Key locking facility is often a requirement of the majority of insurance companies, and by locking your window handle your are covered by your insurance.

3. Concealed Handle Fixings (Chelton Handle Range Only)

Concealed Handle Fixings

The handles from our Chelton handle range cannot be unscrewed or removed to get at the locking mechanisms. This is due to the fact that the fixing screws are concealed under the glazing bead, the visible screws on the Authentic handles are fake and are for aesthetics only. You cannot remove the window handles without first de-glazing the window.

4. Sash Jammers As Standard

ASD Excluder

All of our Heritage Windows come with sash jammers, sometimes known as vector excluders. They are designed to interlock when the window is closed, to secure the hinge edge of your windows. They are unobtrusive and provide enhanced security without affecting the opening and closing performance of the hinge. Preventing your windows from being jimmied open, in a a forced attack.

5. Internally Glazed

All sashes and dummy sashes are internally glazed, sometimes referred to as internally beaded, this provides added security. In order to de-glaze the window (remove the glass), not only do you need the right tools and knowledge, but it is only possible to do so from inside the building.

A window that is internally glazed is easier to fit in multi-story buildings; as this window is glazed from inside of the building. Therefore scaffolding is not required.

6. Secure Night Vent Facility

Our Heritage Windows come with a secure night vent facility. The keeps have additional locking points that allow for the window to be slightly open while when locked. This provides ventilation and prevents access though the window.

7. High Security Multipoint Locking

Our Heritage Windows have the option of modern high security multi-point locking. If you wish preserve an authentic look you can still have traditional furniture such as our Art Deco or Monkey Tail Handles. Alternatively you can have a more modern look for the inside of your windows with a standard Espag handle or our unobtrusive slim-line chelton handles.

We can offer Espag locking or for enhanced security you can opt for our patented Chelton Secure™ or Ste’alth Secure™ Locking. What makes our Chelton Secure and Ste’alth Secure locking systems unique is that the opening movement of the handle actuates the modern multi-point locking to secure the window on three sides in at least six positions.

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