Heritage Balcony Doors Security

Chelton Handle driven Ste’alth Secure™ Locking

An exciting new concept in Locking and slim handles, the Chelton handle blends into the door frame, it's discreet slim-line design looks great. 

The 12+ Locking points make this door highly Secure and with no handle outside this balcony door this door is pretty much impregnable.

Arched aluminium door

In the Heritage door system we are able to create a beautiful finished curved/ arched door. No joins, no cuts and no drafts from the arched head section. The revolutionary Ste’alth Secure™ locking can follow curves and lock round corners; meaning that you can lock and pull in tight the head section of the door.

Curved Heritage product with Ste'alth Locking - our Ste'alth locking has the ablility to follow the curved edge of the window or door and lock all-round the curved edge.


  • Designed for use on slim-line aluminium windows and doors.
  • High security multi-point & multi-side locking with adjustable locking bolts.
  • Designed to be driven by any of the handles from our Chelton®' handle range.
  • Consists of six plus locking points - at approximately 200mm intervals.
  • Runs on polyamide strip for ultimate corrosion resistance.
  • Can follow the angle of arched windows or doors tightly securing the curved edge of the window or door.
  • Pulls in the window or door tightly improving the weather performance.

There is no restriction on the number of locking points, but the actual number of locking points your windows or doors will have, depends on the height and width of the openers.

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